Exit Through The Gift Shop

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When I visit other breweries, the beer is maybe fourth or fifth on the list of things I’m paying the most attention to. Don’t get me wrong, our shared love of beer was what got us thinking about starting a brewery back when we were in college. But our shared love of the experience of beer, in which the liquid in the glass is merely one part of a greater whole, was what drove us to actually get this thing off the ground. So while I’ll always be eager for that first sip of beer at a brewery I’ve never been to before, my head is most likely off in the clouds, more focused on the details of the overall atmosphere and design.

The gift shop is a staple of nearly every brewery, their styles as varied as the identities of the breweries themselves – from garage-based nanobreweries with a modest stack of stickers and t-shirts, to regional powerhouses with sprawling, Disneyland-esque gift shops hawking nearly any physical object capable of being emblazoned with a logo. Given that a gift shop can be anywhere between an elegant nudge and a visually invasive commercial mess, we knew that a good deal of forethought would be required before attacking merchandise sales in our own taproom.

Now, after operating for eighteen months without any sort of obvious shop, we’ve finally created a solution that we feel best represents our brand and complements our taproom atmosphere. A selection of Brew Gentlemen merchandise can now be found on display in our front atrium. Orders may be placed at the bar.

Our selection will be increasing as we move forward, but here is the lineup of items that are currently available:

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