The New Gentleman

We’ve got some pretty excellent news to announce, family: We’re officially bringing on a head brewer. His name is Brandon, and he rocks.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s how this all came about.

We had been thinking about bringing on a brewer for a while. And whenever we talked about it, we agreed that the best time to do so was a few months after we opened the brewery – after all, we wanted to get our own hands dirty before we brought on additional personnel. But we began perusing the ‘for hire’ section of the industry forums anyhow, just for kicks. And this is what we found: almost all people looking for brewing jobs are guys between the ages of 35 and 55, have families to support, and either a.) have no commercial brewing experience, or b.) have experience, and therefore sure as hell wouldn’t want to work at a ground-level startup.

So it came as quite the surprise when, in December, Matt accidentally stumbled upon a post by a 22-year-old with commercial brewing experience that was specifically looking for a ground-level startup. Six weeks, several interviews, a lengthy application, a trip to Pittsburgh, and more than a few shared beers later, we had made our decision.

An introduction is now in order.


This is Brandon Capps. He grew up north of Atlanta, Georgia. He spent the majority of his childhood building things and teaching himself new skills, and was therefore right at home while attending Georgia Tech for electrical engineering.

It was in his sophomore year that Brandon, much like ourselves, became a voluntary lifelong slave to the wonders of beer. After accepting a job as an automation and systems design engineer at Anheuser-Busch, he quickly became enamored with the scientific and creative world of brewing. He began homebrewing furiously on the side (winning some medals in the process), and after three semesters of work at AB, became the assistant brewer at 5 Seasons brewpub in Atlanta. And after graduating from Georgia Tech this past December, he’s made the decision to move up to Pittsburgh and become part of The Brew Gentlemen team.

Needless to say, Brandon is looking forward to rocking the black and gold (and, in the brewery’s case, the grey and orange). He’s excited to become a part of Pittsburgh’s unbelievable food and drink scene, and we’re excited to bring another awesome, hard-working young person to the city.

So cheers, Brandon. We’re glad to have you on board.

4 thoughts on “The New Gentleman

  1. I have known Brandon since he was in elementary school. He is one smart young man. I am also a Georgia Tech die hard fan so was thrilled when he chose to study there. Just an aside…the GT colors are White & Gold :) I will have to come by next fall when GT plays at Pitt. Congratulations to Brandon and you!

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