Online Shop

2013-09-25 11.31.04

Although we’re still in the process of renovating our facility while our equipment is being manufactured, we’ve received an overwhelming number of inquiries about merchandise. To to all those who’ve been asking, you’re in luck: we’re happy to announce that our newly updated website now features an online store. Wanna rep your favorite soon-to-be-brewery? Come check out our initial selection of high-quality Brew Gentlemen sundries and miscellany.

One thought on “Online Shop

  1. Since you asked…I like the branding that is inherently recognizable on the labels, but I just don’t get the birds on the wire for the White Sky. Kinda makes me want to grab an umbrella so I don’t get shat upon. Now if there were white, wheat-shaped ‘snowflakes’ falling from the sky within that keystone, that’s a PA-based white sky I would want to reach for.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to coming in to pick up my swag. And tasting some product.

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