Taproom Ideabook


It feels great to be back in the swing of things and doing construction. We’re rather excited about renovating our taproom space, and now that we’ve put a subfloor down and removed the plaster walls to expose the brick behind it, we can properly visualize what we want the whole thing to look like.

We’d love for the taproom to have a very Braddock-esque feel to it: brick, wood, and tin ceiling. Combine this with the burnt orange, charcoal grey, and white color scheme of our brand, and out comes some mix of modern, rustic, and industrial. Repurposed building materials lend a bit of contrast to our predominantly clean brand.

Here’s a look at our taproom ideabook so far. This is our brainstorm – a series of photos that inspire us, whether it’s the entire feel of the room or a specific bar stool or light fixture. We will continue to add to this gallery over the course of the renovation, and we want to show you all what’s going through our heads in real time. Like all design projects, this entire thing is subject to immediate and drastic change at any moment, so keep an eye out for updates.

One thought on “Taproom Ideabook

  1. Be sure to put lots of electrical outlets everywhere – where it is legally/electrically possible.
    Even on the ends of the bar.
    Leave enough space around the bar – for more than one person.

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