Kickstarter Update: Backer Drawing

The Kickstarter campaign is coming along pretty well (we’re about to break $20K), but we’ve still got a few things up our sleeve. As an added bonus for our Kickstarter backers, everyone pledging $100 or more will now receive an extra reward.

Essentially, we want to make a Sgt. Pepper’s style cartoon of us and our backers for the brewery, and we want everyone that has pledged $100+ to be a part of it. It will be in the same style as our other drawings and will feature a lot of folks who have helped us with this project. Here’s the kind of thing we’re talking about, plus the Simpsons version so you can get an idea of what a cartoon version will look like:

There you have it. If you put in $100 or more, you’re automatically eligible to be a part of this drawing. I’ll ask folks for a photo of themselves when we send out our exit survey.

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