Wrap-Up – Tapped: Braddock

Saturday was exhilarating.

Tapped: Braddock was, in no uncertain terms, an enormous success. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon, with almost 2000 people making it out to Braddock over the course of the day. We got to pour more than 750 samples of White Sky and General Braddock’s IPA, got to talk to a lot of awesome folks, and got to eat some excellent food… all to the sounds of an impressive reggae marathon from local band Man in the Street.

Tapped: Braddock was a big milestone for us. It was the first major event that we had a hand in planning, along with the incredible help of Bar Marco and Epic Development. But more importantly, the event signified what happens when we receive nothing but assistance and encouragement from all parties involved. With so many people helping along the way, we had a ton of freedom to do what we wanted to do.

Although we haven’t had the chance to meet with the rest of the guys and debrief yet, I have a feeling that the Tapped pop-up beer garden series will be back next year. And if we’re lucky, Tapped: Braddock can be an even grander finale next year. Who knows where we’ll be by then.

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