Raining Sideways

Getting into a good routine of writing blog posts is pretty difficult, especially when you don’t have some sort of important event or momentous breakthrough to specifically update folks about. But what it does help us do is focus on the small things: the tiny victories, the amusing mishaps, and all of the bizarro-world situations we keep finding ourselves in along the way.

Last Wednesday’s brief but apocalyptically intense thunderstorm rolled through Braddock at around 2:30, raining near-horizontally and knocking out our power mid-brew. Given that a.) our windows are in the process of being fixed and are thus boarded up, and b.) we have been incredibly remiss in purchasing a flashlight for the brewery, we were stuck in the pitch black. We ended up using our cell phones as a light source for a solid chunk of the brewing process, extremely determined not to let the lack of lighting (or the water gushing through the floor drains) get in the way of finishing the batch. Thankfully, nothing went horribly wrong, and we were able to snag some cool during-and-after shots of the storm from our doorway.

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