Hello World.

It’s been almost a year to the day since we made the leap.

Our dream of opening a microbrewery in Pittsburgh started out the occasional joke, the casual what-ifs. But with continued exploration and research, the beer-fueled hypothesizing of two college-aged beer geeks slowly turned into a real commitment to making this happen. And now, following the recent milestone of brewing our first two batches, we wanted to develop this blog space to document our growth and our journey up to this point.

For those not yet familiar with The Brew Gentlemen, we are two Carnegie Mellon students who quickly developed an obsession with craft beer over the past few years. A quick introduction for the newcomers:

Matt is an Operations Research and Entrepreneurship major from Hawaii. I (Asa) am a Digital Media & Fabrication major from Boston. We met our freshman year at Carnegie Mellon University, and began homebrewing the fall of our Junior year.

We love beer. We love the brewing culture, the people, and the immense amount of character and exploration that the industry fosters. There is an incredibly bright future ahead for craft beer in America, and we are hoping to bring some modernity and innovation to such a deeply traditional practice. Pittsburgh’s rich history, its tightly-knit and hardworking community, and its genuine love of beer provide the perfect home for us to turn our dream into a fully-functioning, beer-producing reality.

So for all of you that have supported us thus far on this crazy adventure, we offer you our deepest thanks. And for all of you that will continue to support us in the future, we say cheers; the best is yet to come.

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